How To Win Contests With Twitter Likes

It’s not uncommon to assume a person is popular based on how many followers he or she has on social media. This is why there’re many companies that use social medias to attract more customers. Campaigns such as winning free gifts through twitter likes or Facebook shares are not new anymore.

There are also contests organized by companies where you’re asked to share a post and get as many likes as possible before you could win something. The person with the highest number of like will win the prize. If you’re on twitter, there’re many companies that advertise their new products by giving away a set or at least free samples. Sometimes all you have to do is place a like their adverts and hope to be selected.

If you’re asked to get as many twitter likes as possible on a particular tweet, then you need to retweet it with quote, asking your followers to like the tweet for you to stand a chance of winning. However, this may be tricky if you don’t have a high number of followers.

3 Things every Twitter User wish they knew while they opened their accounts

A great percentage of people joined twitter because of its popularity alone. To some of us on the other hand, the urge to get a few followers who could give us some twitter likes and retweet our posts was all we wished for. As research shows however, most people wish they knew the power twitter has to influence others while they were newbies. In addition, imagine if you had the knowledge of how to attract thousands of followers and engage with them five years ago. You would probably be making thousands of dollars off your account.

On the other hand, most people often mistake twitter for Facebook or snapchat, where you can share a lot of personal staff and get many likes. On twitter however is all about self-branding. It is a place people work to be a unique brand that people will wish to associate themselves with. For newbies therefore, don’t open twitter account with the sole wish to get many twitter likes and retweets, but to engage and be an authority in what you love.

3 Types of tweets you can Post today and attract more followers

Most social networks allow their users to post about different topics as long as they don’t bully or spam others. However, there are some topics that will always guarantee you an increase in the number of your free followers especially on twitter. To start with, be the first at breaking news. Most people love to learn new things every time, and they will want to learn the newest trends and news from the most credible person.

If you can’t do news, try jokes. You probably share jokes on Facebook or twitter regularly, and they are very powerful at attracting free followers, as long as you keep them fresh and simple to understand. But then, what if you are not the funny type? There are many more things people love to read on social networks besides news and jokes. Educating or inspiring people through high quality content for instance has always been a great way to attract more followers and likes on twitter.

Want to increase your likes – point your followers to other platforms

What are your greatest needs on social media platform?  Is it the issue of likes or getting the right audience?  Nothing can bring joy to you than in knowing that you are able to keep more people to your page.  That in essence is the desire of all on the social media platform.  You can also increase your free likes by a very simple yet tested method.  This can be done through promotion of your page or blog on other social media platforms.  The secret is simply asking your followers and likes to a further discussion on these platforms.  If the discussion is interesting and engaging, believe you me your likes will grow.

It is therefore quite normal and not a crime to point your followers to other platforms.  Such things might seem inconsequential but wait till you are able to try it out.  The results will amaze you.  You can go a little further and provide your loyal followers by treats.  An eBook on the same subject will do wonders or even a simple thing like letting them collect points for every referral they make.