Want to increase your likes – point your followers to other platforms

News 09:01 January 2019:

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What are your greatest needs on social media platform?  Is it the issue of likes or getting the right audience?  Nothing can bring joy to you than in knowing that you are able to keep more people to your page.  That in essence is the desire of all on the social media platform.  You can also increase your free likes by a very simple yet tested method.  This can be done through promotion of your page or blog on other social media platforms.  The secret is simply asking your followers and likes to a further discussion on these platforms.  If the discussion is interesting and engaging, believe you me your likes will grow.

It is therefore quite normal and not a crime to point your followers to other platforms.  Such things might seem inconsequential but wait till you are able to try it out.  The results will amaze you.  You can go a little further and provide your loyal followers by treats.  An eBook on the same subject will do wonders or even a simple thing like letting them collect points for every referral they make.